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Mobile Screening & Crushing NZ offers Wheeled and track mounted Conveyor solutions to help reduce the operating cost and environmental impact of material handling by removing the need for continuous movement of material by wheeled loaders.

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Utilising Conveying solutions for effective material handling = major cost-per-ton savings

You do the math; comparing the various Conveyor systems to using loaders and haul trucks, and the result is clear: There are big bucks to be saved - per day, week, month and year when Conveyors are used — rather than loaders and haul trucks — to move and stockpile material.

The significant savings on using conveyors over loaders and haul trucks are based on the following key benefits of Conveyor systems:

Improved product quality:  Conveyors do away with the multiple handling of material and prevent the compaction and contamination which typically occurs when using loaders and trucks.

Lower operating expenses:  Conveyors cut out labour costs since they don’t require full-time operators to run.  They operate at maximum efficiency during every hour of operation.  On the other hand, loaders and trucks require operators and intensive, costly regular maintenance.  In addition, Conveyors are not nearly affected to the same degree as loaders or trucks by rising fuel or energy prices.

Conveyors also offer greater stockpiling capacity and ensure that the operator maximizes the processing of materials by keeping crushers, screens and/or shredders continually fed.

  • 60ft Dual Powered Conveyor
  • Tracked Convveyor
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