With significant growth in the recycling market, MSC are proud to offer Terex Ecotec’s range ‘processing, biomass and recycling equipment’ as part of their product portfolio.

The Terex Ecotec product line has grown significantly as a response to meet the specialized needs of customers in the growing waste management and recycling sector.

The Terex Ecotec range of waste shredders include Slow, Medium and High Speeds.


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TBG 630 High Speed Shredder

The TBG 630 High Speed Shredder is the ultimate processing machine for medium to large scale biomass and green waste processors.  Powered by a 661HP V8 Scania engine, the TBG 630 has been designed to give operators unrivalled production rates and ease of maintenance.

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TBG 620 High Speed Shredder

The TBG 620 is a powerful, compact and flexible High Speed Shredder that can be utilised for various shredding tasks.  With its unique comb system the TBG 620 allows an adjustment in product size on the fly. 

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TDS 825 Slow Speed Shredder

The TDS 825 is a robust twin shaft, slow speed shredder. Ideal for large scale operations this high capacity machine takes shredding to the next level and is suitable for all types of material including household waste, bulky waste, commercial waste, green waste, waste wood, tree stumps and roots.

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TSS 390 Slow Speed Shredder

The TSS 390 is a robust and versatile single shaft, slow speed shredder. Powered by a fuel efficient 493HP Scania DC13 engine, it is designed for maximum output and minimum down time.

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