Mobile Screening and Crushing NZ are proud distributors of Terex conveying systems throughout New Zealand. Established in 1995, MSC’s 25 years in supplying equipment to the extractive and recycling industries enables them to recommend with confidence the most suitable conveying solution for your requirements.


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Terex HLF 75 Conveyor

The Evoquip HL75 High Level Feeder Conveyor allows the operator to directly discharge from wheel loaders to eliminate the double handling of material on site.

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Terex TC 100 Conveyor

The TC100 features a conveyor length of (30m) and a capacity of up to 600 tph. With built in hydraulics adjustment are quick and easy with a maximum angle of 28 degrees and max height of 14.3m.

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Terex TC 80 Conveyor

The TC80 features a conveyor length of 80ft (23.5m) and a capacity of up to 400 tph. It hydraulically folds for transport and can be loaded into a single container thanks to its for roll on roll off design.

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Terex TC 65 Conveyor

The TC65-T features a conveyor length of 65ft (20m) and a capacity of up to 400 tph. The TC-65 is a self-powered 65ft tracked stockpiler with impressive features and conveying capacities.

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You do the math; comparing efficient conveyor systems to using loaders and haul trucks and the result is clear: there are major cost savings to be made per day, week, month and year when conveyors are utilised – rather than loaders and haul trucks – to move and stockpile material.

Terex conveyors bring many benefits to operators across a wide range of applications. The units can be fed by either large primary crushers, a secondary crusher, mobile screens and also wheeled loaders.

MSC’s material handling range of equipment offers a wide range of tracked stackers and feeder conveyors to suit your specific material handling requirements.
  • Ability to cost effectively transfer material directly from crushers and screeners into large volume stockpiles
  • Improved product quality; eliminating with multiple handling of material and prevent the compaction and contamination which typically occurs when using loaders and trucks.
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs; Conveyors have minimal maintenance, running costs and are self-operating. In contrast, loaders cost much more to run and maintain, and require a full-time operator to clear processed products from under the screen/crusher belts
  • Greater stockpiling capacity; the ability to create much larger and more efficient conical stockpiles than what can be achieved with a loader
  • Maximum materials processed; stacking conveyors operate at 100% efficiency during every hour of operation. In addition, with operators freed up to keep crushers, screens and/or shredders continually fed, materials processing capacity is maximised
  • Conveyors increase the amount of material that can be stockpiled without loader or machine movements
  • Tracked units allow excellent on-site manoeuvrability
  • Health & Safety; the use of conveyors minimises traffic on sites therefore reducing site accidents involving manoeuvring or operating vehicles
  • Stacking conveyors offer onsite environmental impact benefits: reduced noise, dust and emissions levels and removing the need for continuous movement across site by wheeled loaders

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