Lloyd Rotary Buckets

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The new range of rotary screening buckets has been developed to provide an efficient, flexible and practical screening system.

The bucket is filled in the normal manner, moved to the screening position and powered up. During screening the larger fragments are retained in the bucket with the smaller fragments screened through apertures in the drum. When screening is finished, the bucket is moved to the tip area where the retained material is tipped out.

Drums with different mesh sizes can be easily interchanged.

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Features & Benefits
  • Lloyd Engineering has used its years of experience with the rotary style of bucket to develop a new design to overcome the shortfalls of existing buckets in the market place.
  • This rotary screening bucket has a unique conical drum that gives excellent efficiency, combined with ease of use for the operator.
  • Variable speed control mounted on the bucket enables the operator to set the optimum drum speed easily.
  • Cross line relief valve for motor protection and drum overrun.
  • Rugged construction, using the best materials for long life and reliability.
  • Interchangeable top plate for varying base machines.
  • Simple maintenance, heavy duty drive.
  • Drums are removed easily without special tools.
  Rotary 0.3 conical Rotary 0.7 conical QC Rotary 0.9 QC
Carrier weight 6-12 tonnes 13-15 tonnes 18-25 tonnes
Output Dependent on drum aperture
Bucket capacity .3 m³ .7 m³ .9 m³
Hydraulic Requirement 40 litres / min 130 bar 70 litres / min 130 bar 100 litres / min 130 bar
Bucket weight 460kg 1225kg 2050kg
Working width 900mm 1200mm 1200mm
Overall width 960mm 1300mm 1350mm

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